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Special Security Group is a leading Security Guard Services Provider in UAE that enables you to improve profitability by eliminating theft, industrial spying, insurance issues, etc. Our security guard services are structured with systems and procedures that ensure transparency, accountability, and professionalism. Together with our General Security Services, offers Lifeguard, concierge/ receptionist, Office boy, CCTV, Events Security, and Private Guarding, Significantly, we have a track record of delivering high standards of service and exceeding client expectations. This has enabled us to retain prestigious companies in our client roster year after year.

Static Security Services :

Our static security services include lifeguarding, concierge/ receptionists, and community management services which include visitor control, mobile patrols, CCTV surveillance, access control, and key holding services. Lifeguard services for community swimming pools and beaches. Retail security services include security for malls, large retail outlets, and standalone stores by way of loss prevention solutions implementation.

VIP Security :

Special Security Group LLC has well-trained and dedicated security personnel with specialized defense training to provide security for VVIP clients. We are providing private security guards for properties, hotels, events, concerts, parties, retail stores outlets, and personal guards.

Events Security :

Our event security services partner with law enforcement and emergency aid to ensure that all protective teams are coordinated and working together to make the event a safe and fun experience for every visitor.
Concert Security Guards
The security approach for concerts greatly depends on the type of fans the concert will attract. Our concert security guards are extra vigilant about properly screening ticket holders, maintaining crowds, and keeping concert-go workers and entertainers safe.
Country Fair / Festival Security Guards
Because country fairs and festivals are generally outdoors and cover a large amount of space without entry requirements like ticket or bag checks, they can be challenging to secure. Anyone can enter or exit at any time. Special Security Group are specially trained to patrol these settings with acute alertness to identify unsafe behavior.
Sporting Event Security Guards
When it comes to sporting events, team pride never fails to fuel the crowd. And when paired with historical rivalries and the presence of alcohol, things can easily get out of hand. Our sporting event security guards provide a heavy focus on crowd management, including bag checks and screening to identify any dangerous threats that could put other ticket holders, workers, or players at serious risk.

Commercial Security :

Special Security Group provides quality and customized commercial property security services for commercial use. We recognize that employee, client, and visitor safety is paramount to the success of your operation. That’s why our security guards meet a superior standard of alertness and proficiency that guarantees a level of defense that will preserve your commercial success.
Whether you manage an office building, shopping mall, or hotel, the presence of your staff and security speaks volumes about your business. Special Security Group provides office building security guards & maintains a professional demeanor while creating a secure environment for businesses and their network of employees, clients, and visitors. As for hotel staff, interaction with guests must always be hospitable. Our hotel and shopping mall security guards promote a welcoming poise while preserving an authoritative order that’s essential to guest safety.

Retail Security :

We offer our professional services to decide, what level of protection your store requires. Special Security Group has an expert team of retail security consultants who are specifically trained to identify risks that put your assets in danger. Through a customized approach that is unique to your business, the Special Security Group team will create a loss prevention program that not only sheds light on where losses are occurring but also distinguishes and dissuades future losses from taking place. Retail security guards are also customer-focused, making sure that the customer’s shopping experience is worthy of a return visit.
Parking Lot Security Guards
Hypermarket Security Guards
Mall Security Guards
Grocery Store Security Guards

Industrial Security “:

Special Security Group understands that your site requires the utmost protection from these threats to safeguard trade secrets, reputation, and overall, competitive edge. We offer superintendents and project managers superlative guidance and implementation of security plans to ensure they meet industrial security regulations and prevent detrimental damages.

Construction Site Security Guards :

Special Security Group will assign construction site security guards who are trained to patrol industrial environments and are available for 24-hour monitoring, after-hours service, or scheduled patrol.
Oil & Refinery Security Guards
Our refinery security guards know the importance of being up-to-code with refinery security regulations. And because a threat to refinery operations could not only damage production schedules but also create a major disaster, we approach the duty with extreme diligence.
Manufacturing Facility Security Guards
Like other branches of industrial business, our manufacturing facility security guards understand the security risks specific to manufacturing facilities. Theft, counterfeiting, sabotage, trespassing, protesting, vandalism, and contamination are just a few of the major concerns that our expert guards will troubleshoot.

Why Special Security Group Services
Threats to companies are fast becoming complex as competition intensifies. Therefore, Investing in security is of prime importance as it aids in reducing any factors that threaten an organization’s performance. Owing to our wealth of security experience and professional resources, we offer comprehensive security and surveillance solutions of global standards. The special security group is fully licensed by the


Security Guard Training:-

Dubai Police Training               Basic First Aid Training
Health and Safety                    Customer Service
Communication Skills              Dealing with Emergencies
Fire prevention Procedures      Fire Fighting Training
POD training

Cleaning Services :


SSG offers complete cleaning with flexible, environmentally responsible contracts designed to meet your exact needs. Our services are available daily, weekly or monthly. We also provide one-off cleans if required. We provide support to our clients 24/7 via a network of trained supervisors and inspectors.

SSG is proud to offer an exceptional and personalized cleaning care plan for you and your home/office. We take great pride in ensuring we offer a professional and courteous service to you and will cater to your specific requirements.
We also provide Carpet cleaning and deep cleaning.

SSG is a dedicated company to provide High Standards, Quality, and reliable services to our Client’s Satisfaction. A clean working environment is extremely beneficial to you and your employees to make for a relaxing and stressless day.

SSG differentiates itself from other cleaning companies by providing high-quality cleaning with modern techniques at affordable prices. SSG team is courteous, definitive, well-groomed, and educated.


SSG facilities management and services provider which a decade of experience delivering quality services to a client across many different sectors the, Repackaging, Amusement and cinema services, and restaurant management
General Attendants
Gardening & Landscaping
Parking lot attendants
Lady Attendants / Girl’s schools
Warehouse Attendants
Building Attendants
Baggage Handlers / Porters
Trolley Boys
Stewards / Stewardess
Promotional Staff
Receptionists /
Office Boys/Girls
Data Entry Operators
Mail Room Attendants
Office Assistants

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